Who We Are


Zachary Lager – Founder and Executive Director

Zachary, a 28 year old American, has been dedicated to promoting a more egalitarian world since he moved to Central American in 2003 and first saw many of the injustices that exist in the world today.  Zachary dual majored in International Studies and Latin American and Iberian Language Studies (Spanish and Portuguese) at the University of Richmond, where he graduated cum laude and earned the Richard Morrill award for his outstanding international abroad experience.  Perhaps more revealing of his commitment to promoting a more just world, though, is his diverse volunteer experiences around the world. Zach served as a community health, computer and English teacher in Nepal, worked with turtle conservation projects in Costa Rica, and volunteered with different social justice programs in the favelas (slums) of Brazil.  Since the beginning of 2010, Zachary has been living in Mozambique working as a community development volunteer.

image19Armando João Rosário- Local Director of Projecto Tiri Pabodsi

Armando, a father of three and native of Nguineia Mozambique, is not only a jack of all trades but is also a respected local leader in his comunity.  Armando is a trained builder, knowledgable farmer, and an extraordinarily valuable local resource.  Armando has been working hand in hand with LDCN Executive Director Zachary Lager for more than 3 years and is currently in charge of overseeing our Access to Early Education program.

image20Lulu Enrique Hernandes- Local Advisor

A primary school teacher in the district capital of Nhamatanda, Lulu is a trusted local advisor to LDCN.  Although Lulu studied civil construction at a vocational school, his true passion is agriculture and the environment and he is currently the secretary of Associacao Santa Teresa.  To continue his education, Lulu has recently enrolled in a college level geography program.  Lulu is also a primary school teacher in the district capital of Nhamatanda and a well-known local musician.   Lulu lives with his wife and 4 sons and is a long time friend of LDCN Executive Director Zachary Lager.