About LDCN

Mission Statement
LDCN’s mission is to work together with Mozambican communities to identify local challenges and needs and subsequently to develop culturally relevant, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable solutions to those challenges and needs. LDCN uses a bottom up participatory approach that puts local community members in the forefront of the development process. We seek to empower and encourage the local community to become proactive in the development process and help find solutions to the daily challenges and struggles their community faces. Instead of imposing solutions on local African communities, LDCN’s role is to seek out, facilitate, and support community lead initiatives. Our long term mission is to demonstrate to African communities that they possess the tools and resources necessary to foster meaningful development from within their community and thus improve local quality of life.


LDCN’s Development Values

LOCAL  A successful and sustainable development project is one that respects local culture and works with local community members to implement meaningful and relevant programs that address local needs.  Adhering to this principle, LDCN will engage local African communities in an open and continuous conversation and,

▪   Exchange experiences, identify problems and opportunities, explore new and innovative ideas, and implement solutions together;

▪   Utilize participatory methodologies so that the community feels part of the project and free to express their opinions;

▪   Respect local customs and local culture;

▪   Reinforce the feeling of cooperation, solidarity, and equality amongst people of all backgrounds.

DEVELOPMENT  LDCN believes that development comes as a result of a dynamic process in which people and their communities develop awareness of themselves, their environment, and their fellow man in order to live more harmoniously with the world.  LDCN will serve as an example of this process, and:

▪   Use sustainable and ecological living practices in our daily lives;

▪   Help conserve and rehabilitate damaged local ecosystems;

▪   Become economically self sufficient through our income generation activities;

▪   Promote nutritional security and eat a balanced and nutritious diet;

▪   Seek out new knowledge, engage in self reflection, and take responsibility for our own development.

CATALYST  In order to bring about development and stimulate a positive shift in how rural African people perceive the world and search for solutions to the everyday challenges of their lives, LDCN will.

▪   Create incentives for local people to use more ecological and sustainable agriculture practices;

▪   Disseminate our development values through our work as community extension officers;

▪   Offer practical and theory based educational opportunities on a variety of locally relevant topics;

▪   Strengthen local economies by improving and diversifying local production and giving value to local products;

▪   Improve public health by facilitating access to improved water sources, and promote better nutrition and hygiene practices within the local community;

▪   Support local schools, community groups, merchants, farmers associations, woman’s groups…ect and their development initiatives.

NETWORK  In order to receive feedback and develop ourselves and our development approach, LDCD will create a network of people, projects, and communities that share our values of sustainable development and will,

▪   Offer volunteer opportunities for people around the world;

▪   Participate in professional training courses and workshops to increase our knowledge and know how;

▪   Develop local and international partnerships;

▪   Seek out unbiased evaluations of our work from the larger development community;

▪   Engage and participate in the global debate on sustainable development.